As time goes by (2010)

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As time goes by (2010)

Fine Art


acrylic, charcoal and photocopy on paper


Eleni Politopoulou


42 x 60 cm

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About the artist: Eleni Politopoulou

Eleni Politopoulou

Eleni Politopoulou was born in Athens in 1987, She studied Drama at the Theatrical Studies department of the Philosophical School of EKPA, whilst simultaneously learning Spanish and Latin American Civilization at the Cultural and Language Centre of Latin America and the Caribbean AL ANDAR. She travelled to Mexico where she completed written research for the theatre, Returning to Greece, she wrote a dissertation with the title ‘ The Death of Contemporary Mexican Theatre’, in which she thoroughly detailed contemporary Mexican drama. Later she studied cinematography at the Film Studies and Television School Lykougou Stavrakou (directing department), where she was especially drawn to cinematography montage and its affiliations with all art forms continuing on to postgraduate studies in Digital Art at the Athens School of Fine Arts under the directorship of George Harvalias. She has worked in the theatre since 2006, initially as an assistant and later as a director and as a video artist from 2009, creating short fictional films, experimental short films, video-poetry, video installations etc. At the same time, from a very young age, she has continuously painted, trying out joint art forms on paper, canvas, napkins, photography, graphic tablets and on any other available surface. At the moment she is studying painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts.