''El Giro del Tango'' necklace

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''El Giro del Tango'' necklace

Decorative Art


It's about the turning step of the follower, around her leader's axis. This figure, known also as 'grapevine', consists of two alternative front and back steps, connected with a sidestep each time! 


Katerina Vartzoka

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About the artist: Katerina Vartzoka

Katerina Vartzoka

Katerina Vartzoka was born in 1990 in Kozani.

She is a graduate of the Environmental Engineering School of Crete's Technical University and is a current student at the Architecture Engineering School. She first started creating jewellery in 2014.

She is a self taught jewellery designer; teaching herself the macrame technique, and later through attending seminars on metal, she developed her skills. Her pieces combine both materials.

Her main influences are derived from architecture and dance which she has been passionate about since childhood and are evident in the shapes and moulds that she uses.

Sometimes strictly geometrical, and sometimes dynamic, the shapes that she uses create a distinctive vocabulary and a recognizable signature style.

The prior sketching of the jewellery, according to the influences mentioned above, and the afterward search for the way of implementation through the combination of materials, makes her jewellery aesthetically different from jewellery made with similar techniques.

An inseparable part of every creation is the name, and story behind each piece which comes from dance. Each piece is accompanied by a card explaining the story behind each creation as well as the sketch that led to the creation of that very piece of jewellery.